New moms

4 Quick Beauty Tips for New Moms

Few things can rock your world like having a baby; despite their tiny packaging, newborns leave no corner of your world untouched. However, many new mothers don't anticipate that one of those things will be the image they see in the mirror. From slee...

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Luscious Lashes! Rules for Wearing False Eyelashes

Mascara is a wonderful product for eyelash enhancement, but there is simply nothing like donning a pair of false eyelashes for added fullness and length. Yes, they can come off looking very unnatural when applied incorrectly, but if you know the tric...

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Beauty Quick Fix: How to Apply Mascara

With each season comes new weather and, in turn, new beauty issues that people face. If you're looking for quick fixes — whether it be for how to apply mascara or how to prevent eyeliner from running — know that there are simple ways to quickly e...

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