Green Your Beauty Routine: 4 Ways to celebrate Earth Day

4.22 Earth Day Green Beauty Tips
Happy Earth Day!  In honor of celebrating the Earth we live in, here are four ways you can make Earth Day every day when it comes to your beauty routine:

  1. Think Natural - Opt for natural beauty products over those filled with unnecessary chemicals whenever possible.   Need an example?  Try our new pure complexion spongeit’s made with 100% natural ingredients.
  2. Buy Cruelty Free - Picking products and beauty tools that aren’t tested on animals is a great way to show Mother Nature some love.  We’re proud all our EcoTools products are cruelty free.
  3. Choose Sustainable Materials - When you buy EcoTools makeup brushes, you’re picking a sustainable material.  Our handles are made from fast growing bamboo instead of plastic.  Whenever possible, opt for materials that biodegrade.
  4. Upcycle - Instead of buying new containers to hold all your beauty products, upcycle!  Stash makeup brushes in empty candle jars or organize your drawers with leftover packaging and boxes.

We also love to give back on Earth Day!  Don’t forget to participate in this year’s EcoTools Gives Back.  Every purchase you make comes with a code that could win the charity of your choice $10,000!

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No Makeup Makeup: How to look good in natural makeup

4.18 Natural Looking No Makeup Look
Calvin Klein said, “the best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.”  If you want a more natural look, but feel best when wearing makeup, then the “no makeup” makeup look is for you.  Whether you’re looking for a simpler makeup look or the perfect amount of makeup for your next casual event, follow these dos and don’ts for wearing natural makeup.

  • Do pick a lighter foundation.  Skip full coverage versions in favor of sheer blends like tinted moisturizers and BB creams.  Apply them with a special brush to even out discolorations while still letting your skin show.
  • Don’t over do eye liner.  Skip black liner, which doesn’t look natural for a little white on the lower rims of eyes to help brighten them.  If you want something on your top lash line, use a damp angled liner brush to tightline on a brown shadow.
  • Do boost glowiness.  A natural makeup look comes with a little healthy glow.  Pick cream formulas of makeup to boost glowiness like a shimmering blush or mix in a little luminizer with your BB cream before applying.
  • Don’t  Pile on mascara.  Thick, black lashes are a dead giveaway you’re wearing makeup.  Opt for one coat of mascara and comb through with a lash and brow groomer brush.  If you want definition without the darkness, use brown mascara instead of black.
  • Do pick soft colors.  Neutral, warm tones like lipstick and blush shades should enhance your natural coloring says Glamour magazine.  A little soft brown in the crease of your eye lids is always a good idea and a lip color that’s just a touch darker than your natural color will be naturally flattering.

Do you have a fabulous natural makeup look you want to show off?  Share your photos with us on Instagram and twitter with #EcoTools or share a picture on our Facebook page.


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How to Use Eye Brushes to Prevent Eye Makeup From Smudging

Three tips for keeping eye makeup in place.

In the world of cosmetics, where a British study found that 70 percent of women would not leave home without their makeup, there is nothing more inconvenient than your makeup melting during the day. And while streaking makeup of any kind is a burden, there’s one type of product that you can’t easily wipe away and can spoil your look: eye makeup. If you’ve battled melting eye makeup — whether it be weather-induced or because of oily skin — know that a few tips using eye brushes and select products can help keep your eye makeup where it’s supposed to be.

1. Use a primer. There are several primers on the market that are created for ensuring products adhere to your skin, creating long-lasting effects. Apply an eye shadow primer, which is made for your eyes, with small foam eye brushes (e.g., the EcoTools Foam Applicator Brush) that can place the product evenly on your upper lids and on your skin under your lower waterline.

2. Opt for a waterproof formula or a gel eyeliner. Eye products with a waterproof formula are an ideal choice for securing your look in place no matter what the weather is or how bad the humidity gets. It’s a bit trickier when it comes to eyeliner, so consider a gel eyeliner for a smudge-free and matte finish. For a well-defined look, use our angled liner brush for an easy application.

3. Set your liner with eye shadow. Similar to how powder sets your foundation, you can set your eyeliner with eye shadow of the same color. This tip can get quite messy if you don’t use the right type of brush; the ideal eye brush for lining your lids with shadow is a flat eyeliner brush that can apply the product densely, and most importantly, precisely. Should some excess fall on your skin, use a large powder brush to swipe off eye shadow residue.

With these three tips under your belt, you can say goodbye to smudging, streaking, creasing eye makeup. If all else fails, keep a compact mirror and a cotton Q-tip handy for any emergency touch-ups that could be required. What tricks do you implement to keep your eye makeup in place?

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