Create “Perfect” Undone Hair

4.15 Perfect Undone Hairstyle

It seems like a misnomer to style your hair in a loose, undone style, but the bedhead look is a easy, go to style for Spring. Since humid weather is on the way, hide your straightener and save yourself frustration by embracing your spring texture with these easy steps:

  • Protect – First thing is first; protect your strands if you’ll be using any heat. Using a heat protectant spray guards your strands against heat damage, like frizz.
  • Stay Dirty – This kind of hair look works best with dirty strands. Use a dry shampoo to remove any oil from your roots and work in some volumizing moose if you need a boost  at the crown.
  • Add Salt – To capture that perfectly undone look and beachy feel, use a bit of salt spray. If you’ve washed your hair, use a paddle brush until hair is 80% dry then spritz in a salt spray on the ends.
  • Curl – Layer in some texture by curling a few strands of hair. Use a one-inch curling iron and twist random strands in opposite directions. Don’t want to use a curling iron? Grab a quick volume styler hair brush to create curls instead.

Photo from Bella Sugar.

Beauty Trend: How to Wear Orange Lips

4.11 Beauty Trend Orange Lips
Orange isn’t usually a color you’d think to wear on your lips, but this spring it’s everywhere.  Consider it your new go to color.  You can wear it ultra matte or with a little glossy shine.  Here are 3 tips and tricks for channeling your outer orange.

  1. Pick a Shade - For pale skins and yellow undertones pick a bright orange color. Neon orange compliments golden complexions or pale skin that’s been brushed with a bit of bronzer while a red-orange hybrid looks best on darker skin.  Not sure which to pick?  Try a sheer orange, which is universally flattering.
  2. Prep Lips - Especially if you’ll be wearing a matte lipstick, make sure to prep lips before applying color.  Gently exfoliate lips using a soft tooth brush or a lip exfoliant (we like Tarte’s cruelty-free Maracuja Lip Exfoliant).  Add a lip primer for long last coverage, a lip liner to prevent feathering, and then apply color using a lip brush.
  3. Finish the Effect - Go totally “ready for summer” with a totally matte finish or create a trendy, just kissed lip look by concentrating color more in the middle than the outer corners.  Use a lip brush to feather color outwards.  Want just a hint of shine?  Add a dollop of matching gloss to the center of your bottom lip.

Photos from Beauty High and Harper’s Bazaar

Teni Panosian shares her love for the Pure Complexion Sponge!


Cleansing your skin properly and thoroughly is undoubtedly #1 when it comes to keeping a clear, healthy complexion. After all, clogged pores and lingering dead skin aren’t exactly the ideal combination for glowing skin! Getting yourself into a solid cleansing routine is a must, and I’ve got a new favorite secret weapon to share: The EcoTools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge. I don’t even know where to begin raving about this product; everything from what it’s made of to the performance and the price point are pretty spectacular!

So here’s what you’ll find when you open up your Pure Complexion Sponge: If you’re using the Deep Cleansing sponge (which is the one I use) you’ll find a gray egg-shaped, lightweight sponge that looks a bit like a pumice stone. When it’s dry it’s got a hard and dry texture, but once you run it under water it turns into a squishy exfoliating sponge. I just add my cleanser directly to the sponge and squeeze it a couple of times to get it frothy, and from there I go to town exfoliating and cleansing my skin! There’s also a sensitive skin version which is white and just a bit more mild in texture.



The really unique part about this sponge is what is made from: It’s made with 100% natural ingredients, including bamboo charcoal and Konjac, which is a root plant from Asia. (I lovingly refer to it as my ‘Konjac’ sponge!) These natural fibers combined with my cleanser leave my face with zero trace of makeup, which is harder to achieve just using your fingers. Ever wash your face and then pat dry only to find foundation on the towel?! Ugh. But with my ‘Konjac’ sponge I get a mini spa treatment while I cleanse and my skin ends up 100% makeup free. And for just under six bucks?? It’s a must-have! I would replace it probably every 6-8 weeks, so it’ll definitely last you a while.

You can grab this awesome sponge at your nearest Walmart at just around six bucks… But you can score a coupon for $1 off by clicking here!

Enjoy, beauties.

Love, Teni

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